Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I’ve never thrown before?
    Where’ve ya been? Just kidding, most of our customers are new to throwing. Our trained and friendly Axeperts (coaches) will teach ya the rules and how to throw safely. They’ll watch ya throw and give ya tips to “stick it”. Our coaches will teach ya games to play, cheer ya on, and take your picture when ya hit a bullseye!
  • Who can throw an axe (well, really a hatchet)?
    Are ya at least 10 years old and can hold the axe and throw safely? Then ya can throw and anyone older than ya can too! Remember, if y’all are 10 to 17 years old, ya gotta bring your parent or legal guardian or NO THROWING AXES! Everyone has to sign a waiver to throw!
  • Is axe (hatchet) throwing safe?
    Heck yeah! We built this place with safety first in mind and if ya follow our instructions, rules, and use common sense, your gonna have a kick-axe time!
  • What should I wear?
    Make sure ya wear closed toe shoes and ladies, none of those high heels either. If ya forget, we do have some for rent as long as no one else is wearing ‘em. Wear comfy clothes that lets ya swing your arms and bend to pick up your axe. Flannel is always a nice touch!
  • What should I bring?
    Make sure to bring a valid photo ID! In case ya were wondering, leave your axes, knives, ninja stars, etc. at home. Our insurance guy doesn’t like them.
  • Can I bring my own drinks; are you a BYOB facility?
    No, we serve beverages on the premises, including beer, wine, seltzers, and ciders. So, leave any drinks ya have at the door!
  • Do I need to book ahead, or can I just walk in?
    We’re telling ya to book ahead so ya don’t have a long wait or not get in. We always welcome walk-ins, but it is on a first come, first serve basis, and depends if we have lanes available.
  • What if I get there late?
    Well, shame on ya; we’ve been waiting for ya. If you’re late, it’s gonna take time off your throwing session. Make sure to come in about 15 minutes before your start time to check-in, sign a waiver, and go through orientation with your coach.
  • Can I have a party there?
    Yes, ya can and it’ll be bad-axe! What’s more unique, fun, and kick-axe then a celebration with friends, family, and axes? Nothing!! Give us a call or shoot us an email to help ya get set up!
  • Can I tip my axe coach?
    Heck yeah! Did they get ya sticking and you’re having a great time? Then show ‘em some love…they don’t expect it, but they definitely appreciate it!