Well folks, no matter what anyone says, axe throwing, and hatchet throwing is nothing new! This sport/activity wasn’t just discovered in the last 15 years in someone’s backyard! It has been around a long, long time as a form of entertainment for some lumberjacks (or loggers) after a hard day’s work in the lumber camps. You’d think they would be sick of “chopping’ wood all day, but it could be very cold and lonely for those men following the timber harvest. So, of course, goofing around they would challenge each other to different tasks and one of those was to see who could hit the “target” most accurately. A target being a stump of wood from their felling trees. They definitely had their own rules and ways of scoring, not as we know it now, but they were axe/hatchet throwing!

How do I know this? Well, my great great-grandfather, great-grandfather, and my grandfather, who I am named after, were real life lumberjacks in the magnificent Pacific Northwest. They were tough, strong men working a dangerous and difficult job in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Their stories of days in the logging camps passed down each to the next and shared among our family told not only of the primitive living conditions, but the pride and brotherhood shared among them of finishing a job well done.

 Grampa Jack taught my father and my uncles, then me and my cousins the ways of the old lumberjacks.  We learned how to fell a tree, chop wood and even log roll. Within some of those lessons, came time to whittle and axe throw. Of course, axe throwing was my favorite. There is something about being outside breathing in the fresh air and then hurling a piece of steel at a wood target and “sticking it”! That exhilaration is what brings you back to try it again over and over. That is what led me to want to open my own slice of urban axe throwing, even if it isn’t outside, and share that excitement with others. That is what led me with the help of good people, friends and family, and with a nod to Grampa Jack to open Lumber Jack’s Axe House!